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Wedding Photographer in Perth

When you are making the preliminary decisions regarding your upcoming wedding day, your choice of wedding photographer in Perth is one of the most important selections you will be concerned with. In so many ways, your wedding photographer is also your wedding planner and indeed, there are those who multi task to include both roles. Obviously the preservation of every magical, ethereal moment is of the highest priority and requires an experienced professional who has the dedication and insight to handle the unique requirements. Working together to plan each of the primary photos you wish to capture is top priority.

Your Perth wedding photographer should have years of experience to draw upon and can make suggestions and recommendations regarding such things as venue, florists, musicians, caterers and other important professionals who are integral to your perfect wedding. Just imagine the innovative ideas and clever arrangements a wedding photographer has been privy to over the years. Special touches and new ideas can set your day above the rest in originality and luster.  Your wedding photographer cares and sees everything from each wedding day, he/she will want to photograph it.

wedding photographers in perth

In addition, your photojournalist is in a unique position to offer suggestions designed to help you plan a perfect day that will go off without a hitch. No one will have a better idea of which venues create optimum photo opportunities, offer the finest amenities or cater to a bridal party on every level. Careful research and thoughtful questions before you finalise your plans will pave the road ahead with tried and true pointers that will have your day running smoothly at every turn.

You can never do too much planning, so take advantage of the foundation your Perth boutique wedding expert has already built by perusing sample wedding journals and requesting guidance. Allow your wedding photographer in Perth enough time to capture the pre-wedding preparations, as well as travelling to and from locations for formal post-ceremonial photos. By including your photographer in the early stages of planning, you benefit from their expertise and knowledge as well as ensure that each special moment can be captured without a rush. For the most important day of your life you will want to explore every avenue of ingenuity to create memories that will live in your heart always.

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Why Your Photographer is Your 2IC Wedding Planner

Living in Perth we are blessed with perfect weather for almost twelve months of the year. Team this with a fantastic range of venues and locations and we should really have the title of “Wedding Capital of Australia”. If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, chances are you’ve got “find a photographer” somewhere on your to do list – hopefully at the top. If it’s in the bottom third of that list scratch it out and put it at the top! Your wedding photographer should be your 2IC wedding planner and should be chosen at an early stage of the planning.

Planning your wedding is a huge undertaking. Making sure everything runs smoothly on the day is like organising a military operation – with the added complexity of hair and make-up! The benefits of choosing a wedding photographer early cannot be stressed enough. Your wedding day will be a blur of preparations, nerves and emotions but the clock will keep ticking regardless of how you might be feeling at any one moment. Capturing each important element of your day in pictures will be the way in which you revisit your wedding and remember the small details that will slip past you in the flurry of the big day.

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Your wedding photographer should be your second in charge when it comes to working out the scheduling of the day. If you want them there for the whole day they will need to have time to capture the bridal party’s preparations; which means getting shots of the bride getting ready, then off to get shots of the groom getting ready, and back in time to capture the bride leaving for the ceremony. Once the ceremony is over you will probably want to get your more formal photographs at one or two different locations. This will take both travel time and time to get all the photographs you want before you’re due at the reception.

Engaging your Perth wedding photographer early will mean you can discuss all these elements with them before you make the final booking arrangements for your ceremony and reception times. If you’ve engaged a wedding planner, then they can work together to ensure the scheduling is right. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel (or look) pressured and rushed when it comes to having your photographs taken.
Finally, consult with your partner about the style of shots you’d like and then discuss with your photographer how these can be achieved. We all know what wedding photographs look like, unfortunately most of them look the exactly the same, it’s just the faces that are different. Your wedding photographs should express your unique personalities and relationship and they should capture the vibrancy of your day. If you know what you want it will be easier for your photographer to plan the best way to capture that.

There is no substitute for good planning and having your photographer in your planning team early will ensure you can keep your wedding memories alive in beautiful photographs. Consider your photographer your 2IC wedding planner and put “find a photographer at the top of your list and your Perth wedding is more likely to go smoothly.

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Perth Wedding Photographers – do they know their stuff?

If you’re looking for wedding photographers in Perth then you know there are many to choose from. Getting the best photographer to capture your special day is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to organising your wedding. Your photographer will be entrusted to capture every magical detail and moment of your wedding day. After the months of planning and the thousands of dollars you’ve invested in the day, don’t let the memories be tarnished by a set of photographs you’re not happy with.

Your wedding photographs will become the window through which you can travel back to the day your lives were united. It will become the historical record for your children and grandchildren and, if it is done well, it will capture the emotion and beauty of the day within each frame.

wedding photographer, Perth

Living in Perth we are blessed with fantastic weather and wonderful locations. Before you settle on a photographer it is worthwhile going through a bit of a check list with them to make sure they really know their stuff. Ask your photographer for suggestions on where to get your post ceremony shots done – they should be able to offer you a range of options that will fit into your wedding day schedule. Do they know how long it will take to travel from one location to the other? Do they have any photographs they can show you that they’ve taken in the location? What is the best time of day to take advantage of the natural light? Can they offer you a plan B if it’s raining or windy on the day?

Make sure you get a good look at their portfolio and check out the photographs on their website to make sure you like their style. Talk with them about the sort of tone you want your photographs to have. Can they offer you black and white photos? Do they like doing candid shots? How can they make your photographs a unique reflection of your personalities?

Ensuring you have a good open channel of communication is vital. How many times have you heard brides and grooms groaning about their experiences with a photographer who pushed them around to get that ‘great shot’ only to make the bridal party feel uncomfortable? Your photographer should appreciate getting direction from you about the style you are after, but you should also feel comfortable enough with them to let them stretch your boundaries a little bit.

After the months of preparation your wedding day will suddenly be over in a flash. As you leave the reception you’ll wonder where the day went and the events will already be slipping into soft focus. The best Perth wedding photographers will help ensure your wedding photographs bring back the details of the day in high resolution even decades after the event.

If you are getting married in Perth, and require a wedding photographer, please Contact Us via our web form.

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Finding the Right Wedding Photographer in Perth

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Perth then it’s important to take the time to find the photographer that’s right for you. Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. You’ve probably been busy organising your and your brides maid’s dresses, choosing rings and making a thousand decisions from the colour scheme on the invitations to the type of table decorations you’ll have at the reception.  Whilst every decision you make will be important there are few more important than getting the right photographer.

Wedding Photographer Perth

Service costs will always be a factor in your wedding planning decisions but when it comes to a photographer it can be a false economy to choose a cheaper option.  Your memories of the day will fade as the years go by, but a good set of wedding photographs will enable the vibrancy and emotion of the day to come flooding back.  Getting the right wedding photographer is like taking out an insurance policy on your memories.

One of the first things to consider is how long you want the wedding photographer to be present. Most photographers will give you a range of options, from a few hours to the whole day. Consider the options carefully because the fact is that after months of preparations and thousands of decisions, the day itself will all be over in a flurry of nerves, smiles, laughs and kisses – and because you’re the centre of attention, you don’t actually get to ‘see’ your own wedding as it’s happening.

Beautiful photographs will give you the chance to sit back and enjoy the day time and time again. Having the photographer there from your morning preparations right into the reception will give you the chance to capture every element of your special day.
When you’re ready to choose your wedding photographer it will be worth doing a little bit of homework. Getting referrals from friends about photographers they’ve used can help, as can looking at friends albums, but going online to look at photographers websites will give you an idea about the style individual photographers have.

Make a short-list then take the time to meet or speak with each photographer to work out if they are right for you. Remember your photographer could be with you for the whole day so it’s important you get along. Ask questions about how the photographer will photograph important elements of your wedding, such as the ceremony, and how intrusive will their presence be? Good photographers should be able to provide you with a mix of formal and informal shots but your guests shouldn’t feel like they’ve had a camera stuck in their face the whole day.

Your wedding photographs will become treasured keepsakes for your children and grandchildren. They will become a way to travel back in time to the day your lives were united. There’s no margin for error when it comes to wedding photos so choosing the right wedding photographer for your Perth wedding will be one of the most important decisions you make.

If you are getting married in Perth, and require a wedding photographer, please Contact Us via our web form.

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Perth Photographers – Capturing your Wedding Day

After months of preparations you’ll find your wedding day flashes past in a blur of nerves and exhilarating emotions. Your wedding photographs will be your enduring record of the day. Small details you’ve forgotten, like the look in your Dad’s eye as he realised he was giving away his “little girl” or the way your partner smiled at you when you were declared man and wife, should all be captured in a mix of formal and candid shots and experienced wedding photographers are the ones who best know how to achieve this.

Wedding Photographer, Perth
Each wedding is a unique event because of the unique personalities of the marrying couple and their families. Yet how many times have you looked at your friends and families wedding photographs and felt that they all looked the same? The people might be different but the shot composition is almost identical! There is no denying that every wedding will have similar elements to it, but the job of your photographer is to capture your unique difference within the commonality of the ritual. Spontaneous moments will arise in every wedding and you will need a photographer who is flexible and alert enough to recognise and capture those magical moments.

Making decisions about the style and tone of your wedding photographs is also critical. Discuss with your partner what you do and don’t like about wedding photographs generally. Talk about what elements you would like in your photographs such as, natural settings or a built environment for your wedding photograph backdrops, a relaxed composition or a more structured approach. There are plenty great wedding photo locations in Perth to choose from, and your photographer should be able to guide you according to your needs. Consider the personalities in your wedding party and think about what they will be comfortable doing or how long they will be able to tolerate the formal photograph session. The more you know about what you want the easier it will be to find the photographer who can deliver that for you.

When it comes to choosing between Perth photographers, pricing is always going to be an important part of your decision making – but the old adage is often true, “pay peanuts and you get monkeys”. Ask your short listed photographers who will own the copyright to the photographs, and how easily you can get reprints. Do any of the photographers offer other services like wedding albums? And, importantly, how long will it take before your photographs are ready?

There are some truly brilliant Perth Photographers – choose the right one and you’ll get to enjoy your day over and over again.

If you are getting married in Perth, and require a wedding photographer, please Contact Us via our web form.

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How to Plan for a Wedding in Perth – The importance of the photographer

When you plan a wedding in Perth, engaging the right photographer very early on in your planning is important. To capture your day in all its beauty, your wedding photographer will be working on a time schedule and it’s one that needs to be in synch with everything else that’s going on. It’s equally important to choose the right photographer – wedding days can be stressful enough and the last thing you want to discover is that your photographer is shall we say, a bit ordinary.

Perth wedding photographers

Without a skilled photographer who understands the complexities of getting the right mix of formal and candid shots for weddings, your big day might not be as memorable as you hoped it would be. We all know that when someone specialises in a particular field their skills and expertise are usually far greater than someone who has a more generalised approach. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event so don’t trust your memories to any photographer. And while having the aspiring photographer in the family take your wedding shots might cost less, it might also cost you your memories of the big day, and may cause a family rift if things go wrong! The chances are that you’ll be much happier with the result if you choose a Perth photographer that specialises in weddings.

Specialist wedding photographers should have an extensive range of photographs on their website so you can get a feel for the style and range of photographs they do. It’s important for you think about the type of shots you’d like and where you’d like them to be taken. A good wedding photographer will be able to suggest a range of locations that offer a good variety of scenic backdrops for your post ceremony photos.

When you’re planning your wedding, remember that travel time will need to be factored in. You need enough time to get from the ceremony to the location or locations for your photographs and then to the reception. Talk with your photographer about your scheduling for the day and where possible get their advice before you settle on your ceremony and reception times. They’ll want to take advantage of natural light conditions at the chosen locations.

Dedicated wedding photographers are usually skilled in being able to get a good coverage of your wedding without you or your guests feeling like they’ve been staring into a camera all day. Your photographer should be able to direct you supportively, set up shots quickly, and move around you and your guests in an unobtrusive way. Talking to your photographer before you finalise your wedding day schedule will ensure you get all the shots you want without being pressured for time.

It’s only when you begin to plan a wedding yourself that you realise the enormity of the task at hand. If you’re beginning to plan for a wedding in Perth, there’s no time to lose – start looking for the right wedding photographer once you’ve secured your wedding date.

If you are getting married in Perth, and require a wedding photographer, please Contact Us via our web form.

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