Perth Wedding Photographer

I want to see a full unedited photo shoot

You have taken the time and done the research on finding your Perth wedding photographer, and now you want to dig a little bit deeper and find out what the actual pictures look like before they are edited. You are not trying to do this to make anyone feel uncomfortable; you are simply trying to satisfy a curiosity as well as understanding the process from picture taking, editing, and the finished product.

This is quite normal for many people and the reason why is picture taking is actually very fascinating, and understanding the process from which the picture is taken, to the amazing finished photo, for many people is a complete bewilderment. But there is also something else very important to learn in this process, and that is determining a professional from an amateur. And this can be done by finding out how many pictures were actually taken at the wedding and how they looked before they were edited.

When dealing with a professional photographer you only have to ask to see a full set of wedding photos that are unedited. In many cases you will be presented with a full unedited edition of wedding photos that you can look through as well as matching them to finished copies. What you will find with a professional is that they have a keen eye for taking photos and they do not waste film on trying to get a perfect shot. Their photos in many cases need very little touch up or editing and most of the editing will be done to a few selected photos that have been chosen by you to be optimised.

What you’ll find with an amateur are many photos that simply don’t make sense, and the few photos that do may need a lot of editing work. This is not uncommon but this is being done every day when a person chooses an amateur to do the job of a professional. Something else you may find is that the amateur may not have the photo editing equipment and will have to send their work out. So, the key here is choosing a professional Perth wedding photographer, which can handle all of your wedding photography needs

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Choosing Your Perth Wedding Photographer

A memorable wedding encapsulates all of the five senses: touch, smell, taste, sound, and of course, perhaps the most important is vision. Your special day will arrive and pass ever so quickly. You will be filled with anticipation and excitement beyond measure. Your job is to live it and savour it, ours is to give it back to you in a way that allows you to experience it again and again. You have waited a lifetime for a moment like this so entrust its preservation only to your Perth wedding photographer.

Our unique approach uses boutique wedding photography to freeze-frame the most spontaneous moments that might otherwise be missed or forever lost. The innocent smile of a child gazing at the bride, the falling tears of a parent saying farewell, the sudden opening of a rosebud on the bridal bouquet, or the special shade of pink in the sunset can all be enjoyed time after time, year after year by you and your spouse-to-be. With our focus on capturing such unique moments you will never need to worry about what you might have missed.

Perth and the surrounding landscape are filled with beauty that will complement any wedding. Your traditional or outdoor venue can be enhanced to full advantage by a Perth wedding photographer that is an experienced, and competent bridal professional. Your lovely gown, vibrant colours, beloved faces, delicate flowers, and exhilarating moments all demand the inspired passion of a photojournalist who is not simply your hired person, but rather, a treasured member of your bridal party.

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We capture so much more than pictures. Your customised boutique wedding photography includes the use of candid shots with artistic flair to impart a celebrity feel to your wedding journal. Diligence and dedication underscore our services and our philosophy. We are here to provide you with the ultimate calming, unobtrusive presence while capturing every precious detail on film. You may be assured that your directions and wishes will be closely followed and respected.

Senses Wedding Photography, a local Perth wedding photographer, is the right choice for a day that can never be revisited or recaptured. Savour the day forever in your personal wedding album.

If you are getting married in Perth, and require a wedding photographer, please Contact Us via our web form.

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Perth Wedding Photographers

Boutique wedding photography services are the latest trend in accomplishing fabulous bridal pictures that appear lifted right from the pages of Vogue or Town & Country. With a hallmark of spontaneity, such photography is more artistic in nature and captures the natural essence of any bridal party, large or small. Perth wedding photographers such as Senses Wedding Photography are well versed in this art form, thanks to the myriad locations in and around Perth that seem to be custom-created for weddings.

With every possible choice of venue available, both local and international brides have chosen the region of Perth for decades, secure in the knowledge that climatically perfect conditions and breathtaking views combine to create unparalleled opportunities for exquisite bridal photo albums. Some love the wide expanses of pristine beachfront while others adore the view of Swan River. Yet others select the natural settings of the many parks and gardens where elegance and the outdoors joyfully collide.

wedding photographers in perth

Whatever your personal preferences may be, rest assured that boutique wedding photography will serve you and your bridal well, creating extraordinary art that you will cherish for a lifetime. A twinkling eye, a fleeting glance or a passionate embrace between bride and groom encapsulate the philosophy of boutique photography. It is all about capturing that elusive moment that comes only once but defines your special day. Considering the time, finances and energy one invests in a special wedding, it only makes sense to ensure that it will be chronicled as perfectly as you have always dreamed by a local Perth wedding photographer.

Local Perth wedding photographers possess more than great locations, experience and integrity. They also possess the inspiration and insight to offer you more than simply a great picture. It is about creating a story, a wedding journal that you will carry not only in your heart, but in your hands, forever.

If you are getting married in Perth, and require a wedding photographer, please Contact Us via our web form.

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Perth Photographers – Capturing your Wedding Day

After months of preparations you’ll find your wedding day flashes past in a blur of nerves and exhilarating emotions. Your wedding photographs will be your enduring record of the day. Small details you’ve forgotten, like the look in your Dad’s eye as he realised he was giving away his “little girl” or the way your partner smiled at you when you were declared man and wife, should all be captured in a mix of formal and candid shots and experienced wedding photographers are the ones who best know how to achieve this.

Wedding Photographer, Perth
Each wedding is a unique event because of the unique personalities of the marrying couple and their families. Yet how many times have you looked at your friends and families wedding photographs and felt that they all looked the same? The people might be different but the shot composition is almost identical! There is no denying that every wedding will have similar elements to it, but the job of your photographer is to capture your unique difference within the commonality of the ritual. Spontaneous moments will arise in every wedding and you will need a photographer who is flexible and alert enough to recognise and capture those magical moments.

Making decisions about the style and tone of your wedding photographs is also critical. Discuss with your partner what you do and don’t like about wedding photographs generally. Talk about what elements you would like in your photographs such as, natural settings or a built environment for your wedding photograph backdrops, a relaxed composition or a more structured approach. There are plenty great wedding photo locations in Perth to choose from, and your photographer should be able to guide you according to your needs. Consider the personalities in your wedding party and think about what they will be comfortable doing or how long they will be able to tolerate the formal photograph session. The more you know about what you want the easier it will be to find the photographer who can deliver that for you.

When it comes to choosing between Perth photographers, pricing is always going to be an important part of your decision making – but the old adage is often true, “pay peanuts and you get monkeys”. Ask your short listed photographers who will own the copyright to the photographs, and how easily you can get reprints. Do any of the photographers offer other services like wedding albums? And, importantly, how long will it take before your photographs are ready?

There are some truly brilliant Perth Photographers – choose the right one and you’ll get to enjoy your day over and over again.

If you are getting married in Perth, and require a wedding photographer, please Contact Us via our web form.

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New Website Launched

My new website is launched today.

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