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A memorable wedding encapsulates all of the five senses: touch, smell, taste, sound, and of course, perhaps the most important is vision. Your special day will arrive and pass ever so quickly. You will be filled with anticipation and excitement beyond measure. Your job is to live it and savour it, ours is to give it back to you in a way that allows you to experience it again and again. You have waited a lifetime for a moment like this so entrust its preservation only to your Perth wedding photographer.

Our unique approach uses boutique wedding photography to freeze-frame the most spontaneous moments that might otherwise be missed or forever lost. The innocent smile of a child gazing at the bride, the falling tears of a parent saying farewell, the sudden opening of a rosebud on the bridal bouquet, or the special shade of pink in the sunset can all be enjoyed time after time, year after year by you and your spouse-to-be. With our focus on capturing such unique moments you will never need to worry about what you might have missed.

Perth and the surrounding landscape are filled with beauty that will complement any wedding. Your traditional or outdoor venue can be enhanced to full advantage by a Perth wedding photographer that is an experienced, and competent bridal professional. Your lovely gown, vibrant colours, beloved faces, delicate flowers, and exhilarating moments all demand the inspired passion of a photojournalist who is not simply your hired person, but rather, a treasured member of your bridal party.

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We capture so much more than pictures. Your customised boutique wedding photography includes the use of candid shots with artistic flair to impart a celebrity feel to your wedding journal. Diligence and dedication underscore our services and our philosophy. We are here to provide you with the ultimate calming, unobtrusive presence while capturing every precious detail on film. You may be assured that your directions and wishes will be closely followed and respected.

Senses Wedding Photography, a local Perth wedding photographer, is the right choice for a day that can never be revisited or recaptured. Savour the day forever in your personal wedding album.

If you are getting married in Perth, and require a wedding photographer, please Contact Us via our web form.

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