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If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Perth then it’s important to take the time to find the photographer that’s right for you. Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. You’ve probably been busy organising your and your brides maid’s dresses, choosing rings and making a thousand decisions from the colour scheme on the invitations to the type of table decorations you’ll have at the reception.  Whilst every decision you make will be important there are few more important than getting the right photographer.

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Service costs will always be a factor in your wedding planning decisions but when it comes to a photographer it can be a false economy to choose a cheaper option.  Your memories of the day will fade as the years go by, but a good set of wedding photographs will enable the vibrancy and emotion of the day to come flooding back.  Getting the right wedding photographer is like taking out an insurance policy on your memories.

One of the first things to consider is how long you want the wedding photographer to be present. Most photographers will give you a range of options, from a few hours to the whole day. Consider the options carefully because the fact is that after months of preparations and thousands of decisions, the day itself will all be over in a flurry of nerves, smiles, laughs and kisses – and because you’re the centre of attention, you don’t actually get to ‘see’ your own wedding as it’s happening.

Beautiful photographs will give you the chance to sit back and enjoy the day time and time again. Having the photographer there from your morning preparations right into the reception will give you the chance to capture every element of your special day.
When you’re ready to choose your wedding photographer it will be worth doing a little bit of homework. Getting referrals from friends about photographers they’ve used can help, as can looking at friends albums, but going online to look at photographers websites will give you an idea about the style individual photographers have.

Make a short-list then take the time to meet or speak with each photographer to work out if they are right for you. Remember your photographer could be with you for the whole day so it’s important you get along. Ask questions about how the photographer will photograph important elements of your wedding, such as the ceremony, and how intrusive will their presence be? Good photographers should be able to provide you with a mix of formal and informal shots but your guests shouldn’t feel like they’ve had a camera stuck in their face the whole day.

Your wedding photographs will become treasured keepsakes for your children and grandchildren. They will become a way to travel back in time to the day your lives were united. There’s no margin for error when it comes to wedding photos so choosing the right wedding photographer for your Perth wedding will be one of the most important decisions you make.

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