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I want to see a full unedited photo shoot

You have taken the time and done the research on finding your Perth wedding photographer, and now you want to dig a little bit deeper and find out what the actual pictures look like before they are edited. You are not trying to do this to make anyone feel uncomfortable; you are simply trying to satisfy a curiosity as well as understanding the process from picture taking, editing, and the finished product.

This is quite normal for many people and the reason why is picture taking is actually very fascinating, and understanding the process from which the picture is taken, to the amazing finished photo, for many people is a complete bewilderment. But there is also something else very important to learn in this process, and that is determining a professional from an amateur. And this can be done by finding out how many pictures were actually taken at the wedding and how they looked before they were edited.

When dealing with a professional photographer you only have to ask to see a full set of wedding photos that are unedited. In many cases you will be presented with a full unedited edition of wedding photos that you can look through as well as matching them to finished copies. What you will find with a professional is that they have a keen eye for taking photos and they do not waste film on trying to get a perfect shot. Their photos in many cases need very little touch up or editing and most of the editing will be done to a few selected photos that have been chosen by you to be optimised.

What you’ll find with an amateur are many photos that simply don’t make sense, and the few photos that do may need a lot of editing work. This is not uncommon but this is being done every day when a person chooses an amateur to do the job of a professional. Something else you may find is that the amateur may not have the photo editing equipment and will have to send their work out. So, the key here is choosing a professional Perth wedding photographer, which can handle all of your wedding photography needs

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