Perth Wedding Photographers – do they know their stuff?

If you’re looking for wedding photographers in Perth then you know there are many to choose from. Getting the best photographer to capture your special day is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to organising your wedding. Your photographer will be entrusted to capture every magical detail and moment of your wedding day. After the months of planning and the thousands of dollars you’ve invested in the day, don’t let the memories be tarnished by a set of photographs you’re not happy with.

Your wedding photographs will become the window through which you can travel back to the day your lives were united. It will become the historical record for your children and grandchildren and, if it is done well, it will capture the emotion and beauty of the day within each frame.

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Living in Perth we are blessed with fantastic weather and wonderful locations. Before you settle on a photographer it is worthwhile going through a bit of a check list with them to make sure they really know their stuff. Ask your photographer for suggestions on where to get your post ceremony shots done – they should be able to offer you a range of options that will fit into your wedding day schedule. Do they know how long it will take to travel from one location to the other? Do they have any photographs they can show you that they’ve taken in the location? What is the best time of day to take advantage of the natural light? Can they offer you a plan B if it’s raining or windy on the day?

Make sure you get a good look at their portfolio and check out the photographs on their website to make sure you like their style. Talk with them about the sort of tone you want your photographs to have. Can they offer you black and white photos? Do they like doing candid shots? How can they make your photographs a unique reflection of your personalities?

Ensuring you have a good open channel of communication is vital. How many times have you heard brides and grooms groaning about their experiences with a photographer who pushed them around to get that ‘great shot’ only to make the bridal party feel uncomfortable? Your photographer should appreciate getting direction from you about the style you are after, but you should also feel comfortable enough with them to let them stretch your boundaries a little bit.

After the months of preparation your wedding day will suddenly be over in a flash. As you leave the reception you’ll wonder where the day went and the events will already be slipping into soft focus. The best Perth wedding photographers will help ensure your wedding photographs bring back the details of the day in high resolution even decades after the event.

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