Why Your Photographer is Your 2IC Wedding Planner

Living in Perth we are blessed with perfect weather for almost twelve months of the year. Team this with a fantastic range of venues and locations and we should really have the title of “Wedding Capital of Australia”. If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, chances are you’ve got “find a photographer” somewhere on your to do list – hopefully at the top. If it’s in the bottom third of that list scratch it out and put it at the top! Your wedding photographer should be your 2IC wedding planner and should be chosen at an early stage of the planning.

Planning your wedding is a huge undertaking. Making sure everything runs smoothly on the day is like organising a military operation – with the added complexity of hair and make-up! The benefits of choosing a wedding photographer early cannot be stressed enough. Your wedding day will be a blur of preparations, nerves and emotions but the clock will keep ticking regardless of how you might be feeling at any one moment. Capturing each important element of your day in pictures will be the way in which you revisit your wedding and remember the small details that will slip past you in the flurry of the big day.

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Your wedding photographer should be your second in charge when it comes to working out the scheduling of the day. If you want them there for the whole day they will need to have time to capture the bridal party’s preparations; which means getting shots of the bride getting ready, then off to get shots of the groom getting ready, and back in time to capture the bride leaving for the ceremony. Once the ceremony is over you will probably want to get your more formal photographs at one or two different locations. This will take both travel time and time to get all the photographs you want before you’re due at the reception.

Engaging your Perth wedding photographer early will mean you can discuss all these elements with them before you make the final booking arrangements for your ceremony and reception times. If you’ve engaged a wedding planner, then they can work together to ensure the scheduling is right. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel (or look) pressured and rushed when it comes to having your photographs taken.
Finally, consult with your partner about the style of shots you’d like and then discuss with your photographer how these can be achieved. We all know what wedding photographs look like, unfortunately most of them look the exactly the same, it’s just the faces that are different. Your wedding photographs should express your unique personalities and relationship and they should capture the vibrancy of your day. If you know what you want it will be easier for your photographer to plan the best way to capture that.

There is no substitute for good planning and having your photographer in your planning team early will ensure you can keep your wedding memories alive in beautiful photographs. Consider your photographer your 2IC wedding planner and put “find a photographer at the top of your list and your Perth wedding is more likely to go smoothly.

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